BRADFORD was transformed into a film set once again, as a major Bollywood blockbuster took over a section of the city centre for filming.

Production crews could be seen around the Midland Hotel, where action sequences including cars performing handbrake turns were being filmed.

The filming was for the upcoming Bollywood film Commando 3, and follows previous days of filming held in the city centre earlier this month.

One member of the public reported seeing armed police next to the Midland Hotel, but a spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police confirmed the armed men were actually actors portraying armed officers and were carrying replica firearms.

Production staff could bee seen stopping members of the public from walking on streets around the Midland Hotel while filming took place, and were also stopping traffic while sequences were performed.

One onlooker said: “It seemed a little haphazard, there were people standing in the road stopping traffic.

“A car was driven through some fake barriers which had been put up and then did a handbrake turn in the hotel car park.

“You could see the cast sat having their make-up done while the action took place and people were milling around.”

Another passer-by added: “It was really exciting.

“I was walking along Lower Kirkgate when crew members ran into the middle of the road and stopped cars and buses.

“They were demanding people stop walking across the road and then a car came speeding down Kirkgate and did a handbrake turn into the entrance of the Midland Hotel.

“Nobody seemed to know what was happening, but the car park and entrance was packed with film crews, cameras and men dressed as armed police.”

The film will be the third in the popular Commando series, and follows on from Commando: A One Man Army, and Commando: The Black Money Trail.

It stars Vidyut Jamwal, one of the world’s top martial artists, as Karanveer Singh Dora, a commando with the Indian Army.

In the first film he crashes into Chinese territory, and after a year in detention manages to escape to Punjab where he meets a girl called Simrit who is trying to escape the clutches of politician Amrit Kanwal Singh, who wants to marry her for political gains.

The second film follows his mission to eradicate black money, and it is thought the third film is based in London.

Earlier this month crews were in Great Horton shooting scenes, and will also film in Little Germany.

Last weekend, crews were in the city centre filming car chases and stunts.