By Anila Baig

STRICTLY speaking we don’t go overboard for occasions such as Halloween but the festival seems to get bigger and bolder every year and all youngsters, whatever their background, get excited about trawling through the streets, knocking on their neighbours’ doors and asking for sweets. After which, of course, the sugar rush makes them even giddier.

In countries like Japan and particularly America Halloween is a major event with shops selling fancy dress costumes and even adults going all out at parties and decorating their homes inside and out. Fake cobwebs, witch’s hats, ghost costumes and plastic headstones all make an appearance not to mention the ubiquitous carved pumpkins gawping at you in a slightly sinister manner from grocery shops and supermarkets.

For some of us it is more about the change in seasons; pumpkin spice lattes in the cafes and colours like turmeric, gold, burnt ember falling from the trees. There is the smell of bonfire in the air, a crispness, heralding the beginning of the cooler months.

So whether you celebrate the occasion or not have a look at some of our Halloween themed décor. Go on, trick- or- treat yourself.