The ‘back to school’ signs on the first day of the six weeks’ holiday were always so depressing even for the swottiest amongst us. But luckily there was a massive upside as September approached.

Stocking up for new school supplies was almost as much fun as sleeping in or watching telly from morning to evening. Clean pencil cases, pristine notebooks, the obligatory maths set with the inexplicable triangles that you never needed, shopping for new stuff was all part of new term ritual.

Who says you have to be going back to school to treat yourself to some new stationery or artwork? For kids there are backpacks and lunchboxes. Either way our selection of stylish goodies means you will always be top of the class.

Afrique Map Print On Cotton

Create a vintage atmosphere to your interior with this fabulous old school wall map.

Formerly used as a learning tool in schools, this colourful illustration designed by renowned geographers is a retro inspired piece of art. An ideal gift for lovers of vintage and antiques.


Papier Bromley Parrots Desmond & Dempsey Sketchbook

Keep your notes and thoughts in this pretty book which can also be personalised with monogrammed initials.

£10.99, Papier,

You don't get much cuter than this adorable bunny back pack.

With sweet embroidered details and bright neon red nose and ropes, simply load him up with all your favourite stuff, put him on your back and away you go! Perfect for days out, holidays and for storing away favourite toys and treasures.

£18, Bobby Rabbit,

Lunch box

Show your character with this eye-catching lunch box from Mr Men & Little Misses. The container features the recognisable Little Miss Giggles character illustration. £6, Wild & Wolf, 01225 789 909

Cult Studio Phoenix Home Office Desk

A trendy desk will make doing homework or filing boring paperwork a lot more fun. £349, Cult Furniture,

Studio Sweet & Sour Notebook Collection

Collection of design led stationery and notebooks from Dutch designers Studio Sweet & Sour. Oli Olsen,