Counteracting prejudice through peace was the theme of a multi-faith dinner celebrating the Easter festival.

More than 240 guests were at the event held at the Aagrah at Midpoint which was organised by Canon Yaqub Masih of Huddersfield.

The dinner was attended by a host of dignitaries including three Lord Mayors, three deputy lieutenants, and chief constables as well as members of all faiths across the area.

Canon Masih said: “It was a very successful event. We were very happy with it and it had two purposes – it was not just a social gathering but we also wanted to educate and raise awareness about the Christian festival of Easter, what it means and why it is so important to us.

“We had many distinguished guests including three Lord Mayors and the Deputy Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, John Robins, and Craig Guildford, Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police.”

The occasion began with a prayer and Canon Masih’s nephews and nieces performed a drama depicting the crucifixion of Christ which his daughter, Naz, directed.

Canon Masih is no stranger to promoting community relations and has been honoured by Prince Charles with an MBE for his efforts.

He said there was persecution of minorities both in this country and abroad but the way to counteract that was through peace.

“We try to educate with love. I go to Pakistan every year and help people from all backgrounds, of every faith. We have to convey that message.”