LAST month Bradford's leading judge vowed there would be "no second chances" for danger drivers as he jailed a man who led police on a 70mph chase through the city centre.

Twenty-year-old Luke Hanley was sent to jail for 12 months.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, said taking a hard line on motoring menaces was the Crown Court's "New Year's Resolution".

At the time we applauded Judge Durham Hall's uncompromising attitude, while noting that Bradford's courts wer still subject to sentencing guidelines.

So we are perplexed, to say the least, by the 28 day sentence handed down to Rayham Rashid for speeding through a 40mph zone at 115mph while also three times the drug driving limit.

In his summing up Judge Colin Burn described Rashid's driving as "insanely high speeds" and "an accident waiting to happen".

Dangerous driving carries a maximum custodial sentence of two years. The guidelines for drug driving say the custody threshold is likely to be crossed where there is evidence of aggravating factors, such as an unacceptable standard driving.

No doubt Rashid's previously clean record and the fact he is a carer for his poorly father helped his mitigation. But breaking the speed limit is always dangerous - and doubly so if you have taken intoxicating substances.

The only way to slam the brakes on danger drivers is to ensure the punishment fits the crime.