OUR modern lifestyles, car ownership, growing numbers and appetite for foreign food and travel mean that just living ‘normally’ will produce enormous amounts of CO2, and we certainly need to concentrate on cutting out the use of coal, oil and gas where possible.

However some minor forms of our behaviour produce small amounts of CO2 and we could avoid these by changing our attitudes and helping folk understand what they are doing to the climate and the lives their grandchildren will endure.

There’s been considerable concern about the growth of wildfires, in California, southern Europe, Australia, Argentina and South Africa, so it really is more than shortsighted for us to carry on burning whatever we can on Plot Night. It would be much better if we left all the wood and waste unburned so that it trapped and stored its carbon for as long as possible. It’s time for a new Plot.

The same lack of thought, personal selfishness and the opportunity to show off encourages people to buy large cars with big engines, many around two plus, three or even more litres. A much smaller engine will do the transport job quite as competently, within the speed limit, and produce far less CO2. The drivers of the larger cars are saying outright that they don’t care a jot about the future.

As milk is water, with some solids, a 1,000 litres, 440 big plastic bottles of it, will be heavy at just over one tonne. Because UK dairy farmers are struggling with low prices they are seeking other markets, and the current one, paying more, is China. It would be more sensible to send them some cows, rather than produce the unnecessary CO2 resulting from transporting thousands of tonnes of heavy liquid, and the oil derived plastic containers.

We need a CO2 filter for all our actions.