RESEARCHERS at the University of Bradford could help save people’s eyesight thanks to a new system for diagnosing serious infections.

Academics teamed up with staff from the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to work on the project, which can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems which lead to blindness.

In particular they have been working on infections that put contact lens wearers at risk of losing their sight.

The system was developed by Professor Rami Qahwaji from the university and his research student Rania Alzubaidi. Prof Qahwaji said: “Our work with Manchester Royal Eye Hospital has already shown its clinical usefulness, demonstrating remarkably high efficiency and reliability.”

Doctors at the hospital say it could help save patients’ vision and allow them to track diseases which are difficult to treat.

Arun Brahma, consultant ophthalmologist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, said: “The use of this system will enhance patient care with these serious conditions.

“These blinding eye infections are difficult to treat and use of this system will allow easier monitoring and result in more effective treatments.”