A BRADFORD primary school has donated a second defibrillator to a local sports club following its successful fundraising campaign earlier this year.

Thackley Primary School held a fundraising event called Save a Heart Day in February to buy a defibrillator to be installed at the school.

The first defibrillator was fitted at the school in August, but the school raised enough money during its campaign to buy a second live-saving piece of equipment.

To show its thanks for the public’s support, the school has donated the second defibrillator to Thackley Cricket Club, so there are now two of the machines in the area.

Annette Patterson, head of school, said: “We recognised the importance of having a defibrillator in school and were driven to succeed in raising enough money to make it happen.

“We are thrilled and incredibly proud of our achievements.”

Defibrillators are used to treat cardiac arrests.