A SCHOOL choir has proved to be so successful it has more than tripled in size.

Last year, the St Francis Catholic Primary Choir had 13 members. But after word got around about the choir’s successes, the choir’s membership grew to 42 members from September 2017.

The larger choir help to lead worship and give choral performances at school, and also performs at different venues and major school choir events.

They will be performing a selection of carols and Christmas songs at Leeds train station on December 7 and next year, will be performing at the Young Voices event at the Manchester Arena on January 23.

Head Andrea Haines said: “We are delighted with the success of the growth in the popularity of the school choir in the last 12 months. Being in the school choir gives the children something to aspire to and gives them a sense of commitment.

“The choir does not just rehearse and perform songs. The children are taught proper singing techniques by trained staff.”

Anne Duckworth, Teacher and Music Leader at St Francis said: “The increase in the popularity of the school choir came about because word got round and performances to the whole school displayed the enjoyment the children were getting out of it. Choir members told their friends about the great experience they were having and things took off from there.

“Children have the opportunity to build confidence, gain performance skills, learn to work as a team and above all, take great pride and pleasure in the performances that they really enjoy.

“The children are also excited about the variety of music they sing – a mix of traditional and modern songs.”