A COLLEGE that aims to “bridge the gap” between education and work for young people is adapting to its new home in Little Germany.

Forster Community College became part of the Bradford College group in August, and part of that change meant the school moved its base.

It had previously called a listed building on Captain Street home, but the college is now based in Little Germany, on the upper floor of the City Training Services building.

The college has taught vocational skills and community education in Bradford for 34 years, and while the move has meant the college has had to change some of its courses, its head told the Telegraph & Argus said they hoped to continue working with local organisations to offer young people the best possible pathways into work.

The college has eased its way into the new set up, but in the coming months will work its way back up to more classes and courses, with around 80 to 100 students using the site.

Head Sheila Robinson said: “We are a couple of classrooms down, but the old building had its challenges.

“When we have got with this change is an extended partnership with other organisations operating in the city. We now have partnerships with groups like Horton Housing and Women’s Zone, groups that have facilities we are able to use on our courses.

“It is a good area to move to, it is becoming a bit of a hub. The important thing for us is we remain at the heart of the communities we hope to serve, where there are harder to reach and vulnerable young people. It is good that we have managed to stay in our catchment area.

“Working with the college means we are able to help with students who may find a big college environment doesn’t suit them, but we can offer a more personalised service. We are about bridging the gap between education and moving into employment. As a college we are about engaging with people who might not have got into their first choice, or didn’t feel a bigger college was for them. It is helping prevent these people from becoming NEETS (not in education, employment or training). It is about opening up their eyes to the ways into work and the jobs that are available.

“Being involved with Bradford College also means students have the use of their facilities, like the library. There are some things we can’t offer any more, we don’t have the catering provision we had, but we hope that in our second and third year here we can grow the provision.

“The pupils have have a positive reception to the new space.”