PARENTS and the local community have helped fund a new playing area at Calverley CE Primary as part of the school’s effort to further improve its sports and PE offer.

The Friends of Calverley Primary School has donated £6,000 from its coffers – almost half the cost of a new playing area at the school, which will cost £14,000 to build.

The money was raised at this year’s Summer Fair and follows the generous donation made by The Friends which paid for a new library at the school from last year’s event.

The new playing area will be built behind the new Key Stage 2 block and comprise a levelled area, large enough to play five-a-side football, or netball on. The school does not currently have level usable areas outdoors for play or sport.

It will be used for PE lessons and also at lunchtimes, during which a sports coach will lead various organised games for children from all years.

The playing area, which will be constructed over the half term break, is being built to increase levels of participation in exercise and play and to improve the school’s PE and sports offer.

Along with sport staples, football and netball, the school now offers athletics, cross country running, cricket, golf, climbing, gymnastics, tennis and orienteering. Some pupils run a daily mile.

In addition, Calverley company Proctor Silo Cleaning Limited, has provided three sets of sports kit for the school

In a bid to further improve sports at the school, a sports development plan was drawn up a few months ago after Headteacher Bob Curran appointed Year 3 teacher Will Overton as Sports Co-ordinator.

Mr Curran said: “We want the new playing area to encourage those children who exercise less regularly to do a bit more. We will also use it for after school clubs

“The school has thought hard about providing an even better sports offer. Some of the ideas came from the School Council. Staff regularly put time into coaching the pupils and we get a lot of support from parents – particularly with transporting children to sports events.

“The efforts we are making are already paying off as we are winning more tournaments and gaining more team and individual trophies at various events.

“I am very grateful to The Friends of Calverley CE Primary School for their support for the playing area. Without their hard work in raising funds and substantial contributions, neither the library nor the playing area would have been possible.”