A MAJOR prime time TV show has helped students at Bradford College get some hands on experience in the film industry.

Gunpowder, which premiered on BBC One on Saturday evening, was partly filmed at the College’s Garden Studio, based in Garden Mill off Thornton Road.

And during production students got the chance to work as on set make up artists and see up close how a working shoot works.

College staff have revealed that other productions have used the studio since filming on Gunpowder wrapped, and more are planned for the coming months.

The big budget, three part drama tells the story of Guy Fawkes, and stars Kit Harington from Game of Thrones and Liv Tyler, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A 17th-century set was built on campus and some undergraduates from the college’s Northern School of Creative Industries worked on set as make up artists, while others enjoyed tours of the set and picked the brains of production staff.

It was the first production to use the college location following a partnership with Leeds-based Prime Studios - supported by Bradford City of Film – in the newly-named Garden Studio.

It has seen vacant areas of the mill transformed into working sets, with the A list stars filming key scenes in the heart of the city.

Both the college and the studios say the partnership worked well, and are planning for the studio to be used more as a filming location in the future.

Nathan Kelly from the Northern School of Creative Industries said: “The relationship with Prime Studios has continued beyond the Gunpowder filming. Other productions have been taking place over the summer and there are more to come.

“We also have industry links with Screen Yorkshire, Rollem’ Productions and Hallmark Cards which allow our students to rub shoulders with industry experts.

“There is a creative skills gap in the region, particularly in respect of craft and technical production skills, but through projects like this and by offering the appropriate creative courses we are perfectly placed to equip students with the skills they need to take up exciting career in the film and TV industry.”

Ben Hepworth from Prime Studios said: “Since partnering with Bradford College on Gunpowder we are looking forward to continued collaboration on projects and helping narrow the skills gap in the industry by giving college students opportunities on productions in the region.

“Bradford has a rich history in film and TV and is well supported by Bradford City of Film whom we also have strong ties with.”

Gunpowder also used Dalton Mills in Keighley, Ilkley Moor, and Oakwell Hall in Birstall as filming locations, and the cast stayed in Shipley during filming.

Harington plays the role of Robert Catesby, the leader of the failed Gunpowder Plot and one of the actor’s ancestors.

The first episode received positive reviews, but also hit the headlines when some viewers criticised “gory” scenes. The BBC has defended the scenes, which include a priest being hung, drawn and quartered, as being historically accurate and important to the story.

Another TV series, Peaky Blinders, also used the city centre to film its latest series.