One of the many consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic has been the impact as it has had on people’s health and wellbeing no more so is this evident than in the Small Business sector often referred to as the backbone of the UK economy. Being a small business owner before the pandemic was challenging and demanding research indicates that this is set to continue if not increase exponentially over the coming months and years.

I am Michael Tolan I have spent the last 20 years providing practical Accountancy and Coaching help and support to the SME sector across a wide portfolio of clients, I am also a small business owner.

So as we hopefully emerge permanently from these lockdowns what has been:

• keeping you awake at night,

• what’s on your mind today

• being a business owner is a lonely life

• do you feel trapped in your business

• who recharges your “batteries”

Coaching can provide you with that sounding board, that supportive voice, you don’t have to suffer on your own or in in silence so why not give me a call as the old 1990’s BT advert said “it’s good to talk”.




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