Simon and Rena Gueller re-opened The Box Tree restaurant in 2004, a start of a new chapter for the famous restaurant in Ilkley, which was established in 1962. In that half century it has seen owners come and go, Michelin stars won and lost. Since then they have worked tirelessly to ensure the heritage of the Box Tree, as a place that offers a truly exceptional experience with innovative food and the highest standards of fine dining. “Although we try and evolve the business in terms of the style of food and techniques, we feel it is important to retain the essence of The Box Tree, It has that ‘restaurant magic’, it just has something special,” More recently they have seen a new generation of diners come to the restaurant, enjoying the modern classical cooking that has long been a standard here, now combined with new techniques and interesting ingredients to create a distinctive style. The Box Tree has evolved and innovated, seeing the addition of Box Tree Events, which offers Michelin standard fine dining at private functions as well as having residencies at Denton Hall, Harewood House, Broughton Hall. Having been part of the Box Tree for nearly twenty years, customers old and new at the restaurant can be assured that Rena and Simon will continue to make sure that the Box Tree remains unique. We look forward to welcoming you all. Kind regards The Box Tree Restaurant, 35-37 Church Street, Ilkley, LS29 9DR T: 01943 608484 W: