The firm promotes a clear path for all its employees through initiatives including personal development plans.

It encourages employees to develop their skills and careers through training and coaching in technical subjects, as well as management.

It is proud to employ graduates and offers 12 month work placements and summer internships to students from universities each year.

It rewards hard-working staff with team celebrations at Christmas and in summer.

It ensures a high level of safety for its staff and new starters are offered support by a personal mentor with regular one-to-one meetings to development and training plans.


Encouraging staff to to best they can is a remit of the company which offers regular monthly one-to-one meetings with employees to discuss personal development.

Staff are helped to learn and they are regularly included in all aspects of the company through patient cases, treatment planning, new systems, protocols and general business matters.

Staff say they are always given an ear if they need advice which results in a better service for the whole team and clients.


Staff say working at the chemical manufacturer is more than a job, rather a way of life.

The firm enjoys low staff turnover and boasts an average service time of 9.5 years.

It offers the greatest possible support and training to its staff to enable everyone to feel proud of the work they do.

Whether a manager or an apprentice, all are treated with the same respect and given the same opportunities and benefits while focussing on wellbeing and development.