In general terms, the more you can tell us about the business you are nominating and why they deserve an award, the better.

Things that are helpful to know include turnover, performance against financial targets, sales figures, cashflow and profit.

We also take into account details of staff training and active recruitment schemes, how a business has expanded in recent years and forecasts for future expansion.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so please do include customer testimonials if appropriate.

In terms of what we are looking for in individual categories:


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Welcoming a fledgling business to the district is always something to shout about and this category aims to do just that.

The first few years of trading are always tricky, but exciting, with something that began with an idea, taking off and making money and creating jobs.

This award is for companies which have been operating for less than one year and can show imagination, sound planning, exceptional marketing and great flair and delivery.

We want to hear about the concept for the business, how it was devised, and what market research was undertaken.

  • How was the business plan put together?
  • What are the main objectives?
  • What advisers were recruited to help with budgeting and professional matters?

Your submission might also include your sales and marketing plans and how IT has been embraced.

We would like to know what the management structure of the company is and what projections there are for growth and employment opportunities. If you are a new business owner, then put yourself forward.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Bradford has been lauded in the past for the number of small and medium-sized companies based in the district, and this award recognises those SMEs.

Our panel is looking for businesses which normally employ no more than 75 full-time staff while demonstrating a strong financial performance.

Recognising a business that has shown marked success over the year. For all finalists, judges will consider current trading performance, the prospective growth and development opportunities for the future of the business.

They are looking for those which show strong financial performance, good staff and customer care, and which show real potential for future success.

The judges are also looking at what kind of positive impact these companies have had on the community.

Small Medium Enterprise of the Year Candidates need to demonstrate evidence of outstanding organisation, excellent financial returns, strong growth and innovative strategies.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

There's no better endorsement of a good employer than one from someone who works for that business.

Our judges are looking for employees to tell us why the firm they work for is deserving of this award.

This accolade honours the region’s top employers who will have demonstrated strong investment in their employees as well having a reward scheme and other key employee benefits.

Companies must be able to demonstrate that the safety and security of their employees is of the utmost importance and will be paying the living wage, if they are to be recognised as one of the best places to work in the area.

Judges will want to know about companies which, in the opinion of their staff, provide the best working environment, best people development practices, best skills and training programmes, and demonstrate genuine care for the health and well-being of their workforce.

Nominations should include examples of just why they are such a good business to work for, and some specific examples of schemes, projects or gestures that put them in the running for this award.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

New to the categories this year is the Sustainability Award which replaces the entrepreneur category.

With sustainability high on the national and international agenda this award recognises the efforts taken by business, leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and wealth creators who have gone above and beyond in providing sustainable initiatives.

Thinking strategically to benefit not only businesses and organisations we are also looking for a wider impact across the district with particular attention being paid to those who are promoting climate awareness, skills, digital, health, tech and traditional sectors with a future focus.

We are looking for entries that look to the future and embrace the responsibility of being a sustainable, forward thinking, strategic and agile organisation.

Today businesses have to be multi-faceted. They have to be sustainable both environmentally and economically. For example, and in particular, young people need sustainable employment in order to progress in their chosen field and make their own contribution to the local economy.

This is turn ensures the district continues to prosper as each business grows. Let us know what your sustainable credentials are to be in with a great chance of being a forward-thinking winner.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Social Mobility category is a new addition to the awards. It replaces customer service in order to encompass and recognise the wider plans that businesses have made in recognition of social inclusion.

This new award will recognise the effective investment of resources that businesses have made to address issues which prevent or limit social mobility.

Social mobility is key to ensuring our local communities thrive through the ability to access opportunity and overcome barriers to social inclusion.

Finalists will be those businesses which can demonstrate how they have sought to understand factors which impact social mobility in our district and have then worked effectively (often in partnership with voluntary organisations) to address these issues and support the provision of relevant services.

Judges will be looking for evidence of how the business has made an impact through their activities using its own resources, either financial or non-financial.

Examples of programmes that Social Mobility Award may be considered for this award, include those focusing on education (all ages), employability, mental health and homelessness, although this is by no means an exhaustive list.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The next generation of workers and their development through apprenticeships is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. 

Apprenticeships are an increasingly important way of attracting new talent and providing training for the future.

We know there have been some fantastic successes locally and this award recognises an employer’s best apprentice who has successfully come through their programme.

The finalists in this category will have gone above and beyond as part of their apprenticeship for an employer that has offered the support and training needed to kick-start their careers.

We know that in Bradford there have been some fantastic success stories over the past year, and this is the chance for companies to give their best young charge the recognition they deserve.

Our judges are looking for individual nominations for apprentices who are currently on, or who have just completed, an apprenticeship programme with a company. We want to know why this particular apprentice has surpassed themselves.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

This is a new category which narrows the apprentice nomination field to those involved in manufacturing. The district is rich in the manufacturing industry, from food to textiles to chemicals and engineering.

It is expected to be a popular category for businesses to highlight the young people they have taken on to train and fulfil important roles which can lead to a long and bright future for some of the city’s young people.

Not only do apprentices get good ‘on the job’ experience, they have access to the best training models covering all aspects of the industry they have gone into.

Apprentices are the future hopes of many businesses and employers realise their importance by investing in them.

Often these same employers are rewarded by an apprentice who goes on to achieve their qualifications and then start to climb the corporate ladder within the business.

Many success stories have come out of the Awards ceremony and all shortlisted finalists have proved they are worthy nominees for one of the most important categories.

Let us know about your apprentices and we will be happy to present them to the city stage and help them shout about their achievements.

You can enter more than one candidate, too.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

This was a new category last year and proved popular among nominators.

It provides a chance to reward a business which has made a far-reaching contribution to its community.

The finalists for this award will have demonstrated considerable dedication to corporate, social and ethical responsibility, providing the community with the many positive outcomes of their commercial activity.

Judges will focus on businesses that have contributed substantially to the community through various means, including society-led projects, aiding economic regeneration and supporting local suppliers.

Businesses will be expected to provide details of how they engage with the local community and in what capacity they expect their endeavour to make a valuable contribution which will have a lasting and purposeful affect on an area.

We are certain this category will reveal many worthy nominees hoping to win this important community accolade.

Nominate a company now who you think ticks all the right boxes to win this award.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

It goes without saying that manufacturing is an important part of any city.

The Manufacturer award offers the opportunity to celebrate an outstanding company operating in a sector that is the backbone of the Bradford district’s economy.

Entrants must have upheld the manufacturing traditions of the local area, while continuing to strengthen the regional economy.

All finalists will demonstrate a dedication to manufacturing excellence with emphasis placed on quality, sales performance, sustainability and investment, with a positive impact on its employees and/or the community.

Judges will be looking for a record of success, innovation and growth, as well as future potential and the firm’s positive impact on the community.

The winner could be a longstanding company that has survived numerous economic storms and adapted to continue to flourish, or it might be one of a new breed of manufacturing firms establishing themselves during some of the worst economic times in recent memory and following years of austerity.

This is your chance to celebrate such a company.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

This award was introduced last year and had been specially created to laud established family businesses across all industry sectors.

These same businesses will be able to demonstrate sustained success across a broad range of measures, while ensuring all family values are followed. The judges will also be looking at the aspirations of the business to demonstrate how both current and future family generations will be involved in the growth of the business.

Bradford has a host of businesses which are solid family trades and companies.

Many have been passed down over the generations and have provided employment and stability to generations of workers.

Others are relatively recent, but encompass a family-based workforce who themselves show discipline, determination and a will to succeed, often in a tough and competitive market.

Family businesses have a strong bond of faith and high work ethics, knowing each member of the team is valued and contributes to its success.

It is this will and determination to succeed while keeping the family bond that we want to hear about through your nomination.


Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Job Creator of the Year award is recognition for a business or individual who has played an outstanding role in boosting employment in the district through innovation, investment and putting job creation as a key part of their business development.

Judges are looking for evidence of how you are creating employment and looking to expand your workforce in the year ahead.

This category aims to recognise that employment is one of the major issues facing the Bradford district, and to honour those who have bucked the trend and recruited during times of deep austerity and future uncertainty.

The judging panel is looking for a business or individual who has played an outstanding role in boosting employment in Bradford and the wider district through innovation, investment and risktaking in the face of tough economic conditions.

The winner could be a firm that has taken on a large number of people, or perhaps created a smaller number of very high quality jobs.

Tell us who you think deserves this accolade and help celebrate their achievements with us.


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Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The grand finale of the whole awards evening is finding out who will be crowned ‘Winner of Winners’.

The victor will already have one trophy under their belt, but to take the overall crown is the ultimate goal of all entrants.

The crown is a highly prized accolade and waiting for the result is a nailbiting end to a glittering evening where all those shortlisted can regard themselves as winners for having reached the final.

To be in with a chance make sure you nominate your business or an employee and tell us all about them.

They will certainly enjoy a night to remember and have chance to further their business through excellent networking opportunities.

Last year’s winner was Allan Jeffries BMW Motorrad dealership, in Baildon, who was also crowned winner of the Family Business of the Year Winner of Winners category.

The Jeffries team said: “Being awarded Family Business of the Year is an incredible honour but then to be voted Winner of Winners was truly phenomenal. “Thank you to everyone who voted for us, we are so proud.”

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