MANAGING director of First Medial Training, Christian Smith, claims his business is made up of a “motley crew” all passionate about healthcare training.

Mr Smith set the business up in the bedroom of his home, in Huby, with a laptop and a desk.

It provides affordable medical instruction to all service sector groups and individuals.

He said: “In the first couple of years it just took off.

“Over the years I have met many successful and driven people who have inspired me to take on new challenges.

“Together we have revisited, revamped, rebranded and re-launched the First Medical Training we are today, a motley crew of paramedics, firefighters, senior care workers and first-aiders, passionate about sharing all that we have learned.

“It is our long-term goal to have tutors providing affordable instruction in every country.”

The company now has more than 500 instructors nationwide and in Africa.

It is also developing an online training platform to take its operations worldwide.

Based in Albion Mills, Greengates, the company specialises in the provision of continuous professional development for the dental and healthcare industries, and supplies equipment to the medical fraternity which includes defibrillators.

He added: “We believe life-saving skills are vital and should be accessible by all. In addition to mandatory corporate training, we actively encourage all members of the community to participate in basic first aid.

“We keenly support the installation of defibrillators in schools and public places, and champion campaign groups such as Millie’s Trust.

Mr Smith started out as a trained paramedic and went on to train all medical services staff such as dentists. He is also a diving instructor.

“You don’t need the backing of a big company. If you work hard and know your trade the sky is the limit,” he added.