A SIMPLE cooking blog using ingredients from a kitchen cupboard in a one-bed flat in London was the start of a career which launched a former Nab Wood school girl into the owner of a multi-million pound wholefoods supply business.

Gemma Andrews, 30, drew vast numbers of viewers to her blog.

“People kept asking for the recipes and how they could get hold of the ingredients.

“At one point the blog reached 25,000 subscribers so I decided to try supplying ingredients as a business.

Gemma started her business while working full time for another company.

Within just a few months Superfood Market skyrocketed and in the space of a week she left her job and found a warehouse and office space in Bradford to begin running her own business full time.

After leaving school, Gemma worked her way up in a local bank branch and became assistant manager by the time she was 20.

She then worked for the Chamber of Commerce and began to learn the trade of importing and exporting which sparked her business thinking to create Superfood Market.

In 2012 she moved to London and began working for the Ministry of Justice.

It was while working here that she started developing her own business and it wasn’t long before she had to commit herself full time to her own interests. Since then both she and Superfood Market have gone from strength to strength.

In the first year of business turnover was £1.2million. Four years later and that figure is nearing £10million.

She said: “I am so grateful for this award and to all the team who are brilliant.

“I can’t believe it and it means so much with it being given to me in Bradford.

“I do plan to keep expanding. I find new premises and then worry about how we will fill it and then find we are bursting at the seams.

“Bradford is a perfect environment to grow a business.”