Name: Ben Preston 

Age: 18 

Company they work for: Bracken Ghyll Golf Club  

Apprenticeship provider: Shipley College 


I am an 18-year-old based in Silsden.  I always struggled to know what I wanted to do when I left school. I worked hard in school so I could have a choice in future careers and went to college to study Horticulture but didn't enjoy it, and decided I wanted an apprenticeship and saw an advert for a greenkeeping apprenticeship available. I knew nothing about golf at the time but knew I wanted to work outside, and I got on well with the people at the club and thought it was a really nice place. And luckily Rob (my boss) took me on.  

What is your apprenticeship in and why did you choose this sector? 

I am an apprentice greenkeeper who's been working at Bracken Ghyll Golf Club for just over a year. I chose this sector because I wanted to work outdoors and with machinery. 

What does your average working week look like?  

My working week will highly depend on the time of year and weather. In summer I will be mowing fairways and semi-rough throughout the week, applying fertilisers and setting up the golf course for golfers to enjoy through various tasks such as changing the holes on a green or raking bunkers. In winter we dig drains, complete tree management and machine service for the coming season. 
Why did you opt to do an apprenticeship rather than A Levels or a Btec? 

I wanted to earn while learning and didn’t want to be stuck in a classroom all day.  
What is the most rewarding thing about your apprenticeship? 

Seeing the golf course looking to a high standard. 
If one of your friends was thinking about doing an apprenticeship what advice would you give them? 

I would tell them it’s the best thing to do, you are out gaining real life work experience, learning lots and earning a wage at the same time.  
Once you are qualified what are your plans for your future career? 

To continue working at my current place of work.