SIR - Yet another bank announcing a branch closure, this time Barclays at Shipley (T&A, May 25).

That this closure is taking place during the pandemic is, in my view, an utter disgrace, and a slap in the face of all its customers.

Blame is put on the fall in branch visits, but who is to say, when normality returns, that numbers will not significantly increase?

Customers are advised to go to the nearest bank branches at Guiseley or Market Street, Bradford.

Neither of these can be classed as nearby, and many customers will probably not want to go into Bradford in any case.

Barclays in Shipley was always a much bigger branch than the one at Guiseley, and one has to wonder whether the true reason for this is simply to maintain a certain geographic spread. Walk past Shipley branch on most days and there are queues, indicating that it is better used than is implied.

This really is an unacceptable decision with little account taken of the needs of the bank's own customers. It should be ashamed of making this move in the current climate.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon