RUNNING a business comes with more than enough stress, difficulties, and problems. Every moment you’re dealing with internal issues is a moment you’re not speaking to clients, producing something, or networking. In short, it’s a moment your business isn’t working as it should.

Likewise, if you’re engaged in the tricky process of selling or buying a business, ensuring employees’ legal rights are protected before, during, and after the sale is paramount – not only for their sakes, but also to protect you and the business from potentially ruinous litigation.

Luckily, the Walker Foster Business Team is on hand, with a vast array of legal advice, to support business owners, human resources professionals, and employers.

The experienced team of legal professionals prides itself on finding the best solutions to any legal difficulties employers may face, avoiding drawn-out legal proceedings, and keeping both costs and time at a minimum.

Luca Angarano, a Litigation Associate with Walker Foster who works as a key part of the Business Team, said: “In almost all cases, it’s most beneficial to prevent disputes between employers and employees from reaching full litigation.

“Walker Foster have the necessary experience and in-house talent to deal with employees, unions, and appointed representatives, to quickly and calmly resolve disputes with a minimum of fuss.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Employers can even retain the services of the Yorkshire legal firm on a monthly basis, which means they can directly access swift and concise legal guidance without having to risk a delay in getting advice affecting proceedings – this can even work out cheaper than ‘ad-hoc’ arrangements.

Craig Williams, Head of Commercial Property for Walker Foster, and another member of the Business Team, said: “Protecting employee rights is a vital but tricky area of law during transfer of undertakings, such as when a business sells, or if there’s a change of service provider.

“Many employers don’t realise that it’s unlawful to terminate workers just because they don’t necessarily want to employ the full staff of a new acquisition, so getting competent legal advice in such circumstances is crucial.

“The last thing any business needs is to have to deal with an unfair dismissal claim or an employment tribunal. Making sure your business has easy access to expert legal advice should be as much a priority as having building insurance."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: