Karen Hunt e-mails: I am trying to find out some information for my sister, who lives in Australia and who is researching our family tree.

This is the info I have about our grandad. He was Fred Bagley Smith, Sometimes he's down as Fred B Smith, other times just Fred Smith.

He was born in Ripon in 1895, married Ethel in 1919, and died on June 6, 1937, following an acident, age 42.

Mum says he worked for someone called Totty's (not sure how you spell that). According to his death certificate, he was a labourer at an electricity works.

Mum said he fell through the roof. I'm sure there must of been something in the papers about it, as they had 6 kids and gran was young to be left with all those kids ,she would of been 39, I can be contacted via e-mail at kh014s6544@blueyonder.co.uk