The Morrisons E5 store off Bradford Road was a long way from the drawing board when CH Wood took this photograph of Five Lane Ends in 1963 (it actually has six lanes, but only had five before Swain House Road was built).

International Harvesters still occupied the site (bottom right), with hundreds of workers producing tractors and streaming out at the end of their shifts to catch their buses at the stops near the roundabout. Some of those who travelled to work in cars parked across the road from the works, where the police station now sits.

The quarries and open spaces off Bolton Hall Road (top left) are now occupied by a vast new estate, but the playing fields to the left of Wrose Road (which runs up the middle of the photograph) have been spared from the developers.

Wrose Health Centre had yet to be built in King’s Road, which runs across the centre of the photograph. The extension of that road, to the right of Wrose Road, was made as wide as it is because it was meant to be part of a highway intended to pass over Idle Moor and go down through Thackley Woods to meet up with Hollins Hill, enabling traffic to travel from Bradford to Wharfedale without needing to go through Shipley.

The plan was never carried through, and this road remains a quiet cul-de-sac lined with bungalows and broad grass verges.

Picture used by permission of Bradford Museums, Galleries and Heritage.