Harrogate Ladies Fifths 2, Bingley Bees Ladies Seconds 1

Bingley Bees travelled to Granary Park for a late-afternoon Yorkshire Women's Division Four fixture.

Previous fixtures have always been close and Bingley were expecting a hard-fought game.

Spectators were not to be disappointed but the Bees did lack aggression in the first half, allowing Harrogate to take the lead with a goal 20 minutes in - an unfortunate deflection off the stick of goalkeeper Rachel Fuller.

Bingley’s defence worked hard as Harrogate had the majority of possession in the first half.

However, players were drawn out of position, leaving gaps for Harrogate to apply more pressure, and it was beginning to look like there was to be no comeback.

Following half-time, Bingley had to change their game-plan and did, inspired by team captain Lucy Walsh, who led by example.

Walsh took control of the midfield and directed her team towards Harrogate’s goalmouth.

Cath Gallimore took the ball forward from a inaccurate pass by Harrogate and was able to work alongside Becky Tatham, who then passed to striker Jane Sharkey, who had an easy shot at goal, making the game even.

There were many other opportunities for the Bees to score but many shots were deflected or stopped by the wall that was Harrogate’s defence.

The hosts did, however, find a second opportunity to steal the game 2-1.

This was the style of hockey Bingley were used to and have delivered on many occasions during the season, guided by Walsh.

Tatham was awarded player of the match for her dogged efforts during the game, despite being hindered by a zealous Harrogate umpire.