With most cricket leagues favouring either a status quo or earlier starts, the Airedale & Wharfedale League’s management committee want things to go the other way.

They want matches to start at 1.30pm next season, rather than the current time of 1pm, which would, however, still apply to the last four games of the campaign.

Tong Park Esholt are nothing if not persistent and again want the league to consider a change in the points system along the lines of the JCT600 Bradford League.

If it goes through, a win would count as ten points, with a maximum of five batting and bowling bonus points also available to each team.

Ilkley want the side batting second to have the unused full overs from the first innings, while Guiseley want bowlers in first and second-team matches to be restricted to a maximum of 15 overs.

Guiseley also want leg-side wides to be brought in to the Waddilove Cup – be that by any distance or, as an alternative proposal, 18 inches wide.

These proposed rule alterations will be discussed at the League Council meeting at Otley Rugby Union Club on Tuesday (8.15pm), when Alwoodley and Horsforth Hall Park will also seek re-election.