MUCH remains to be decided but head coach Geoff Toovey has laid down his blueprint for Bulls success next season.

The Australian, who admits that he does not yet know the ratio of full-time to part-time players that the club will have at their disposal, admitted: "The players can't all be Johnathan Thurstons, for example.

"But we can all put 100 per cent effort in, we can all try to improve, we can all do what we can individually to make ourselves better, and if we all do that, we will have a fairly successful team."

Not much has come to the surface yet regarding 2018, other than players going to other clubs, but Toovey said: "Forward planning is going on behind the scenes.

"Legally the players need to be spoken to by the end of this week – but a lot is happening.

"However, it is very difficult, as you can imagine, for players trying to create a career path for themselves and the club trying to shore players up having gone down a division.

"Contract talks are at the initial stages, although we were hoping to stay up.

"Unless something structural changes, that is is the way it is and we need to get on with it.

"There will be a process to go through, obviously, but lots of things change when you go down a division.

"It would be foolish of me to say what our ratio of full-time players to part-time players will be. That depends on the resources the club has."

Toovey wants to draw a veil over the Bulls' 44-18 defeat to Batley Bulldogs on Bank Holiday Monday as they prepare to visit Sheffield Eagles tomorrow.

He said: "We just have to move on. We did review the tapes to see what we did right, what we did wrong, but last weekend's game was all about mistakes and one-on-one missed tackles.

"The effort that was there the week before did not seem to be there at times last weekend.

"Stats don't mean everything but after the first half we completed seven from 13 in terms of yardage and 47 per cent of the time we dropped the ball, which let them back in the game.

"That was the difference. If you don't hold the ball, you are not going to win."

The Bulls hope to have backs Ethan Ryan and Johnny Campbell returning and Jon Magrin in the forwards for tomorrow's match at Belle Vue.

Yet Toovey warned: "We have handy players returning but Sheffield are a quality outfit too and they had one or two players missing against Toulouse last weekend (the Eagles lost 32-16).

"That turned out to be a bit of an adventure, I believe, to get over there – but they will be much better this weekend as well."