ETHAN Ryan's love of food has possibly speeded up his recovery from a broken jaw.

The 21-year-old Bulls winger was injured in the defeat to Hull KR at the beginning of July after an accidental collision with former Bradford full back Kieren Moss and could even have been ruled out for the season.

Yet the Academy product has progressed so well that he is in the frame to make a comeback in tomorrow's Kingstone Press Championship Shield match against Sheffield Eagles at Belle Vue.

Ryan, who has scored an impressive 31 tries in 34 appearances for the Bulls, said: "I have been working hard in training to get back to match fitness after my broken jaw and I am available for selection this weekend.

"We will have to wait and see and it is up to (head coach) Geoff (Toovey) whether he risks me or not – but I am ready to play after my recovery."

Ryan then revealed that his liking for food has led to him beating the usual targets set by hospital staff.

He admitted: "I really like my food. The first week I had to eat liquid food – soup, mashed-up food, stews and yoghurts – but after that I slowly got back to eating.

"I couldn't really chew much but I really tried to challenge myself a bit.

"The hospital tell you not to try it for three or four weeks but it was fine and I was back eating normally after two weeks. Now I can eat almost every food."

Getting over the mental side of breaking his jaw may, however, prove more challenging for the talented winger or full back, who has attracted attention from other clubs.

"Until you do actually get another knock on it, you don't know, and that is the scary thing," admitted Ryan.

"In training I have been trying to get back into contact but until you get a high tackle or you actually get a bit of head contact, you don't know.

"I was told by the hospital eight weeks and that is what I have followed, so hopefully now my jaw has healed."

Ryan has revealed the frustration at being on the sidelines.

"We had a couple of back-to-back wins and you want to be part of that," he said.

"It was good to see the boys do well and you want to get out there and give something to the team. It was quite tough to then see them lose (against Batley last weekend)."