Jamie Foster column

It was tough last week at Hull and we are a few players down at the moment. That means we’ve got to go with what we’ve got – and we believe what we’ve got is good enough to beat Huddersfield this weekend.

We know we’re not overrun with superstars, so we realise we’ve got to do the little things right. That means finding that little bit more energy to get our best performances from every player.

I thought Liam Sutcliffe showed that kind of energy when he came off the bench last week. I was excited when I heard he was coming – I’m even more excited now. Hopefully he can continue what he’s doing and kick on while Lee Gaskell recovers from his knee injury.

As much as Gasky annoys me with his moaning in the car to training every day, on the rugby field he is massive. He’s a fantastic player and I think there is so much more to come from him, there really is.

I’ve seen it for many years now and I know how much we will benefit when he gets back in the team. He’s got a massive role in our team and can be very effective for us. If anything, I don’t think people realise how big he can be for us.

When he does come back – and he disguises it well because he walks round at training as if he’s doing nothing – people will see that. He’s working hard at his rehab’ and I’ve had several chats with him about it. Gasky likes a laugh but he’s a good trainer and he works hard.

I was one of the first people he told when he knew he was going to be out for up to 12 weeks. As much as you want to be positive, it’s tough. I had it myself last season when I ruptured my pectoral muscle but I came back strongly and I’m sure Lee will do the same.

He’s already surpassing the goals he has set himself, so hopefully he can return sooner than anticipated.