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Hull FC v Bradford Bulls - Live blog

Last updated:

Ross Heppenstall, Bradford Bulls Reporter

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istanbull-bantam 4:59pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Score: 0
istanbull-bantam 4:59pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Score: 0
Solomon Grundy 5:03pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Big test tonight but we can do it. COYB!!!
Score: 0
wembley bound 5:09pm Fri 8 Feb 13
20 point win to hull.
Come on tipsters
Score: 0
kitman 5:52pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Bulls to win by 10pts COYB!!!
Score: 0
Cinders28 6:38pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Bulls to win by >10points
Score: 0
rama99 6:51pm Fri 8 Feb 13
both bradford and hull players stuck on m62 behind accident both sides of motorway shut game might not go a head according to skysports news
Score: 0
bradford_Northern 7:58pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Kick off currently delayed to 9.15pm.
Waiting for the Yorkshire baed Hull players who are being escorted by police
Score: 0
nhoj89 8:22pm Fri 8 Feb 13
how can the hull fc players not be there already,bulls have made even with the motoway issues,a joke hull
Score: 0
wembley bound 8:26pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Hull by 20 on Sunday
Score: 0
GuiseleyBull 8:26pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Game off according to BBC Radio Leeds/Humberside.
Several Hull FC players are stuck on the M62.
Now due to play on Sunday at 3pm.
Score: 0
theviking62 8:28pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Match now off. To be played on Sunday. Hulls West Yorkshire players held up in traffic, so no joke. Were getting police escort to ground, just like the Bulls did.
Score: 0
nhoj89 8:30pm Fri 8 Feb 13
sorry for anyone injured on the m62 ,but hukk players should already be there,wembley bound seen few your comments,i hope both city and bulls do well,do us all a favour and do one
Score: 0
nhoj89 8:30pm Fri 8 Feb 13
hull sorry
Score: 0
dorny1971 8:30pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Of course there will be no problems whatsoever travelling to Hull in Sunday's snow.
Score: 0
theviking62 8:32pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Egg Bound go ahead tell them my secret. I have nothing to hide. Unlike you. You have a problem, you always mention dresses when you refer do you refer to me. This to me indicates that you are not normal. You have a fixation problem. I can recommend a good shrink, but would he find a brain to work with, think not.
Score: 0
wembley bound 8:37pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Game off viking ?
Old news old man look at who brought the news to you first.
Nice to see you are pretending to be en route and posting on here. Wireless M62 network or are we having another lie saying you on I phone.
I won't tell your secret yet as you may lose the only friend you have on here.
Score: 0
rama99 8:57pm Fri 8 Feb 13
hold on a minute i think you might find it was me who said it might to be off
Score: 0
Stevie-C 10:11pm Fri 8 Feb 13
M62 a total nightmare for past few years and its getting worse. At least one accident a day. Pathetic state of affairs, and its always the ordinary working bloke who suffers burning fuel while sat waiting in traffic!
Score: 0
wembley bound 10:21pm Fri 8 Feb 13
rama sky sports say it might be off is totally different to it is off and hull to win by 20 Sunday.
Score: 0
bullsforever 10:27pm Fri 8 Feb 13
To Wembley bound

You are a complete arsole, enjoy the Wembley defeat of your nasty little apology of a football club, COYB
Score: 0
Bone_idle18 10:55pm Fri 8 Feb 13
Bulls were there, if Hull can't field a team the points should go to us. Why punish our players by making them travel again and play on their day off?

Hull should have ensured their players arrived mid afternoon.
Score: 0
nhoj89 12:40am Sat 9 Feb 13
if the Hull FC players can not turn up for a home game on time that means they can not full fill the fixture and the Bulls should get the the two points

Score: 0
wembley bound 7:24am Sat 9 Feb 13
Should have got the points for not fielding a team ?
Its not the amateur game just an amateur sport in comparison.
Signs of desperation from the bulls, What next trying to claim for coach travel .
Omar can stand it financially
Score: 0

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