Bulls coach Francis Cummins will impose fines on any of his players who come up short in fitness tests today.

Cummins’ squad will be put through their paces for Yo-Yo testing at the Sports Barn in Huddersfield this morning.

They are expected to hit or better the levels they previously scored before Christmas – or face being hit in the pocket.

The Yo-Yo test series evaluate an individual’s ability to repeatedly perform intervals over a prolonged period of time in intermittent exercise-related sports.

It determines the maximum aerobic endurance of a player and is derived from the Shuttle Run Test.

Cummins said: “The players were told before their Christmas break that they must keep themselves in shape during the festive period.

“To be fair to them, they have trained the house down these past couple of months but it’s so important that they remain at that level. These tests will determine that.”

Cummins’ men will then have prehab, screen testing and weights testing this afternoon.