Francis Cummins insists every player in his new Bulls era will be there for the right reasons.

Cummins is rebuilding a leaner squad at Odsal in the wake of the administration that brought the club to their knees last season.

The former assistant coach is relishing his first stint at the helm and the challenge of restoring the Bulls to their past glories.

Cummins sees it as a long-term project and has made it clear that he will not bend to any unrealistic demands from players or their agents.

He said: “It’s all fresh and new now and we’ve got to manage the situation we are in.

“We are really dependent on the spirit and the team coming together. We won’t have a massive squad.

“We won’t be spending boat-loads of money. We’re not going to get into the same situation again and players have to understand that.

“I’ve been pretty honest when I speak to agents because I know what these players are worth to the club.

“It’s not the top players, it’s generally the middle band ones expecting more money.

“Unfortunately the game is where it’s at and the club is where it’s at.”

And Cummins stressed that nobody is going to get rich quick.

He added: “What we’re giving them here is the chance to be a professional athlete and represent Bradford Bulls. Grow together as players and a team and then they will be rewarded. It’s not just a case of rocking up and having a go.

“It’s going to be tough and they need to put their faith and trust in me.

“We have got a special chance here because we’ve got this goodwill behind us. The people here need to invest in their careers.”