On Parade with John Hendrie

Wembley will be a great day out for both sets of fans because it means so much.

That’s why I wanted City to get Swansea in the final. It will be just as special for them.

They aren’t one of these sides who regularly get to finals. Their supporters won’t get blasé about the occasion, which might have been the case had it been Chelsea.

This is Swansea’s first major cup final so they are out to make their own history. Bradford have already managed that because no fourth-tier team will ever get this far again.

What they’ve done is a talking point with the fans, not only in Bradford but across the country – and all round the world.

Is it winnable? Who would have said that Birmingham were going to beat Arsenal two years ago; or that Cardiff would take Liverpool to the wire last season?

City have certainly got a better chance against Swansea than Chelsea.

Look at how strong City have been from set-pieces. All their goals against Arsenal and Villa came from them, either directly or from the second phase.

They’ve got a game plan to keep it tight and deny the opponents space. If they get it right again, then who’s to say they cannot do it.

John Hendrie, who is a consultant for LawBlacks.com, was talking to Simon Parker