Kevin Ellison is confident that he won’t spend the summer stuck on the back of Peter Taylor’s “lorry”.

City’s former boss often warned players about the prospect of failing to find a new club when their contracts were up.

With more and more finding themselves in the market, Taylor talked about the rising number who would be left unwanted and not picked up; those left behind on the lorry.

Ellison is one of eight members of City’s first-team squad who potentially fall into that category when their present deals expire at the end of June.

His position on loan from Rotherham is not helped by the thigh strain that has kept him out of action since the Northampton game.

With only six matches to go, the clock is ticking.

It is an anxious time for him, although the experienced winger insists he has faith in his own ability to earn another chance next season – if not at Valley Parade then elsewhere.

Ellison, who only returned to training on Thursday, said: “Knowing that I’m out of contract in the summer, I came here to try and earn something.

“If you’re playing games then somebody will hopefully be watching. But nobody’s going to be looking at you in the physio room.

“It’s a bit of a nightmare but these things happen. It doesn’t help because it’s my kicking foot as well, so you’ve got to play it safe.

“Obviously it’s difficult to sell yourself. The only way to prove anything to clubs looking for players is doing the job out on the pitch.

“But I’ve played nearly 30 games this season anyway so I’m sure they’ll look at that.

“It’s swings and roundabouts. It’s a lot worse for some lads who might not have played at all and they’re coming out of contract as well.”

With nearly 350 appearances since Taylor took him to Leicester from non-league Altrincham a decade ago, the 32-year-old has plenty of experience to fall back on.

That helps to give him a more level-headed appreciation of a situation that can easily panic others. Ellison admitted: “It’s definitely getting worse. Clubs are giving out shorter contracts now so there are a lot more players available every year.

“I think it’s something like 600-700 pros who are out of contract and that’s going up every summer. There’s a lot of people out there all vying for a couple of jobs.

“But the age thing doesn’t bother me because I’m probably fitter now than I was ten years ago.

“I know it sounds like an old cliché but I’m in a better shape than when I first came into pro football.

“I’ve always looked after myself and as long as you’re doing that and still playing week in, week out, you’ll be fine.”

Ronnie Moore’s exit from Rotherham has not altered Ellison’s situation there but he is not bothered.

“Nothing has changed with them,” he said. “I haven’t heard anything (since the change of management) but I’m quite happy to be here.

“It’s very frustrating because I’m here on loan to help the club out and while I’m injured, I’m no good at all. It’s just a matter of biding my time and hopefully taking the chance again when it comes.

“The league is still really tight down the bottom. You saw that after we won at Macclesfield and went up five places.

“It’s still close and we just need a couple more wins to be fine.”