EDIN Rahic today told clubs circling Charlie Wyke: He is not for sale.

City’s 12-goal top scorer is attracting plenty of interest with rumours of Championship bids during the transfer window.

But chairman Rahic stressed that anyone looking to take Wyke from Valley Parade would be wasting their time.

Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph & Argus, he emphasised that the striker will be going nowhere this month.

Rahic said: “He’s not for sale, simple as that.

“Charlie is one of the best players here. If you want to go up, why would you let him go?

“He needs one season at the club to show he can score 20-25 goals. Then he would have a totally different market value than now.

“But he loves it here and we know he can help us.”

Wyke joined City for £250,000 from Carlisle on the final day of the January window last season and has scored 19 goals in his first year at League One level.

Rahic cannot see any club being prepared to pay well over the odds at this stage to risk throwing him straight into the Championship.

He added: “It’s always funny watching interviews with other managers and chairmen when they say a player is not for sale when their real point is ‘give me a proper offer’.

“We need Charlie and anyway I don’t see anyone out there who wants to spend silly money.

“I know the owners a little bit now from making contacts and why would they do that?

“It’s also a risk for them if he goes from playing in League One straight to the Championship like it was for us when he moved up from League Two.

“It’s like we took the risk when we signed him because he had never played at this level.

“If we get promoted he will definitely be playing in the Championship anyway, with us. But it’s a risk for clubs who are already there.”

Rahic also dismissed Scunthorpe’s bid for Tony McMahon. The Iron yesterday announced they would not be pursuing a deal after being knocked back but the City chairman admits it is a tricky scenario for the defender.

He said: “Scunthorpe made an offer that is nowhere near acceptable.

“They are a competitor (for promotion) so we have to think about we are doing. It would be different if maybe an Oldham or Burton Albion were asking.

“Tony plays a massive role for us for the season but he must commit 100 per cent.

“The situation is always difficult for a player.

“He knows he has not yet got a contract extension beyond the season at Bradford and they were offering probably a longer deal.

“It’s a decision to be made. But currently I don’t see any chance (of him going).

“The offer was nowhere near good enough and secondly, we have no successor. If we had to pay more to find one than we got for Tony McMahon, then how can this work?”