When travelling, you’re told to keep your passport, money and documentation on you at all times.

But Bradford geography teacher Rob Grillo will be adding one more ‘essential’ to that list – his Capital One Cup final ticket.

The lifelong City fan, who teaches at Belle Vue Girls’ School, has vowed not to let his ticket out of his sight as he travels around India training teachers in some of the country’s poorest regions before he flies back for the match on Sunday.

“I’ll be keeping it on my person at all times – in a money belt with my passport,” he said.

“People had offered to look after it for me and give it to me on the day, but if my flight’s delayed it will mean they would have to wait outside Wembley for me and miss the game themselves,” he said.

“My ticket is therefore going to India and back – it must be the ticket that’s made the longest journey to the final.

“I’m not letting it out of my sight. I would hate to lose it!”

Mr Grillo, who has written a book about Bradford City’s history, will arrive back in the UK after a 36-hour journey – including a 12-hour train ride from rural Bihar in north-east India and two flights from Calcutta to Heathrow Airport – just hours before the final between Bradford City and Swansea.

“It will be a gruelling journey, but I’m sure the adrenalin and excitement will keep me going,” he said. “I’m due back at work the next day as well. I just really hope my flight gets in on time.”

Mr Grillo said cup fever has been sweeping through Belle Vue Girls’ School, where the geography block has been decorated in claret and amber in tribute to Phil Parkinson’s men.

And before half term, students also wrote their messages of support to the League Two club.

He said: “The girls at Belle Vue have been going Bradford City crazy.

“It’s fantastic to hear them talking about the club in the corridors and they know that I, as well as several other staff members, are passionate City fans “It’s been great to hear them talk about Bradford City rather than other clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal!”