City will step out at Wembley in their claret and amber hoops.

The Bantams have confirmed that they will face Swansea in the Capital One Cup final wearing their home shirts.

A decision has to be made on shorts and socks but both are expected to be black to match the walk-out tops they will wear on to the pitch. That will mirror the colours originally worn by Manningham when the club were founded.

City scrapped plans for a special kit for the February 24 showpiece because the only design that producers Nike could offer in time was a standard all-claret outfit.

But fans will not be able to stock up with more replica shirts to take to Wembley because the original stock made for the club is running low following the unexpected heavy demand.

Director of operations David Baldwin said: “We asked Nike to produce a claret and amber specific shirt for us this season.

“The retailers Prosport had to place an order at the beginning of the season with a further one in the run-up to Christmas.

“Nobody could have foreseen the season that we’ve had. We’re in a position now where we’ve sold more shirts than ever and pretty much up to the semi-finals had done well on the stock levels.

“But what you can’t account for as a League Two club is a cup final at Wembley. There is no way more shirts could be manufactured and produced in time.”

City canvassed fans’ opinion over the weekend to decide whether they would prefer to switch to a new plain claret kit specifically for Wembley. But the response was a resounding thumbs down.

Baldwin said: “I wanted the fans to have their say. Either stick with traditional colours but be disappointed we can’t sell any more replica shirts or get stock kit shipped in but it was just plain claret?

“There was initially a big demand for a commemorative kit. But when people were aware of the options, it was very evident that when our players walk out on that pitch, the traditional claret and amber shirt is the key thing.

“Yes, we want our home shirt and we’d love to have more to sell. But we’re not just going to put out another shirt for commercial gain.”

The Football League will decide on other kit changes, with both Swansea and City wearing white shorts and socks.

Baldwin said: “For us, it’s much less of a compromise to change and it’s still a very impacted kit if we wear claret and amber, black shorts and black shorts.

“When you take into consideration that the players could be wearing black tops to walk out on the pitch, then it is a very strong look.”