How does the online system work? I want to buy for 14 people, does everybody have to be registered or if I enter the correct number of season-ticket details will it give me the extra tickets anyway?

Each season-ticket holder has the ability to purchase three tickets. So if you want to buy 15, they need to ensure under the friends and family link, they have five season-ticket holders. If you want them all together, you would need five season-ticket holders linked together on the friends and family account.

How many season-ticket/flexicard holders do city have?

Just short of 10,000 in total and each box holder is classed as 12 season tickets, which would account for a large percentage of the Wembley take-up. Take for example Arsenal and Aston Villa games when we sold a ratio of two to one, the take-up average was 1.7 to 1.8. On the same level for the final, that would mean potentially 26-27,000 tickets would go, leaving roughly 5,000 to 6,000.

Is there a maximum number of linked family and friends you can buy for?

My understanding is that you can link as many as you want providing you have the appropriate details.

I am part of a group of ten season-ticket holders. Will we be able to make sure online that we are sat together?

You’ve got the option to select seats on the screen on an “as available” basis. It’s not like we’ve pre-selected them for you. However, with the volume of people going for transactions the best thing is to link as many friends and family as possible. Any party trying to sit together, link them to friends and family.

If we book different sets of tickets as one booking, can we split the payment over two debit cards?

No. It has to be one payment.

Is there any secondary priority after season tickets for fans with stubs etc from previous league or cup games?

We’ll get the season-ticket period up and running first and then provide further information down the line.

Are the club planning to run any coaches or special trains to Wembley?

We’ve already entered into an agreement with a coach company – the same one that co-ordinated travel to Villa Park – and there is an independent company looking at trains. But that is not something being run by the club.

Does child membership allow us to get our five-year-old nephew a ticket at the same time as season-ticket and flexi-card holders?

No, because you’re not a season-ticket holder. You chose to pay on a game-by-game basis instead of purchasing a ticket – the only people guaranteed to get a ticket on a one-to-three basis has an actual physical season-ticket. A membership number is not the same thing.

What is the difference between the various pricing options? What would be the benefit of buying a £90 ticket rather than one for £40?

Just the position within the arc, further back or wider to the right or closer to the goal. We’ll put up online the plan of Wembley.

With it being first come first served, how quickly do you suggest we look to buy tickets?

We have over 30,000 seats and a two-week exclusive period for season-ticket holders, so there is no need to bottle-neck it on the first day. Otherwise people will all be clambering over each other, which will cause problems. There is no need to hit the panic button.

Swansea are putting tickets on general sale on February 4. Why are City waiting until later?

Swansea are selling to season-ticket holders up until the fourth but then it’s members only. General sale is on February 7, which is only six days before us. The difference is that we’ve got a greater concentration of season-ticket holders.

I’m disabled with wheelchair problems and need easy access seats. Who should I contact?

Fans with special requirements should come to the ticket office. Fans are going to have problems and people in the ticket office need to be available to resolve those problems. But the tickets are not physically there in the building to be sold – that’s why everything else will be sold online or through the hotline.

I’m a City fan who lives in Australia. I’m booking my flights but what are my chances of getting a ticket?

Be careful about making travel arrangements. We could sell out Wembley all by ourselves so the demand for tickets is extremely high. I’ll have an indication on numbers after February 9 and will feed out information. But right now I cannot guarantee anything to anyone flying in from abroad.

The trip to Wembley is going to be expensive. Any chance of the season-ticket deadline being extended?

Not at this stage. March 31 is a really good extension and at the minute I don’t know if we can go beyond that. I will review it after the final.

I have bought a season-ticket already for 2013-2014. Do I qualify for the final?

No, it is based on current season-ticket and flexicard holders.

I’m a 25-year season-ticket holder but haven’t got a season ticket this year. Am I eligible?

No, you will have to wait until the general sale.

I’m off to India on February 14 and not returning until the morning of the final. Will my ticket be there?

We intend to post out tickets as quickly as possible.

Why can we not buy directly from the ticket office?

The tickets are already pre-printed seats, it’s a different scenario to Aston Villa. It would be a physical impossibility to find each specific seat. Under league requirements, you have to have the name registered for each ticket. Premier League clubs have 20-30 ticket-office windows, we have six.

Do the club have any plans to make the criteria fairer for those fans who live away from Bradford and don’t justify having a season ticket?

The flexicard was brought in with the interests of people who don’t go to every home game or have moved away. Out of fairness we have given them the same rights as season-ticket holders.

What is the age group for concessions?

Half-price concessions are for under-16s and over-60s only. Students must pay normal prices

I have a further query. Who should I contact?

There is a designated email address,, for problem solving. But be aware that given the weight of interest you may not get an immediate response. There is also an onsite call centre for purchasing tickets only. Telephone 08719-788000 from 9am tomorrow. The enquiry e-mail address is the one to contact with problems – don’t ring the ticket number. And please be patient.