THREE new clubs have been admitted to the Dales Council League for next season.

They are Mayfield and Muff Field, who are each bringing two teams from the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League, and One Stop, a new one-team club who will be based at Tong Park Esholt, but whose core membership will be from Craven League club Wilsden.

Muff Field, who have been playing in the Mutual League since 1919, had two teams in Group D this season, with the A team winning promotion as runners-up, while the B team finished next to bottom.

Mayfield, formerly known as Tetley Street, have been in the Mutual League since 1920.

Their first team finished mid-table in Group B, while their second team were relegated from Group C.

All three clubs will be on the usual one-year probation, although a One Stop player has had disciplinary issues with the Dales Council League in the past and is banned from Shipley Providence's ground.

Mayfield's passage has been more complicated.

Mutual Sunday School League disciplinary secretary Mohammed Rafiq said: "They applied to join the Dales Council League on an incomplete 2015 YCB form which was also not supplied before the cut-off date of June 30, 2017.

"Also on Monday, November 6 the Mutual League received an e-mail from Mayfield to try and get their release for the 2018 season."

However, Dales Council League secretary Ron Mackenzie said: "Although the Mutual League will not sign any paperwork, they have said that if we let Mayfield in, they will allow them to go.

"Our executive committee will therefore be having a meeting with Muff Field, Mayfield and One Stop over the winter."

Mayfield's club representative Martin Dunne, who has admitted that his club have had a troubled relationship recently with the Mutual League, said: "There has been a bit of a blip, and the Mutual League wanted us to apply to join the Dales Council League for the 2019 season, but we decided to go to the YCB (Yorkshire Cricket Board).

"I have sent an e-mail recently to Ron (Mackenzie) and we have now been allowed into the Dales Council."

Ironically, Mayfield and Muff Field were announced as joint winners of the Mutual League's Fairplay Trophy at the league's prize-presentation dinner at the Dubrovnik Hotel.

In addition, New Wortley, whose first team finished third in Division A of the Dales Council League, want to add a second team.