LEE Smith is aiming to reward the Bulls "hardcore" by signing off a tough year with an Odsal win.

Geoff Toovey's relegated side have discovered some late form by winning four of the last five games in the Championship qualifiers.

It will not spare them from the drop but Smith hopes it has provided some payback for the fans who have stuck by the team.

The former England international is eyeing one more victory on the final day at home against Rochdale Hornets to help soften the blow of going down.

Smith said: "The fans deserve a special mention because they follow us all over.

"There are a core of probably about 300-400 who go to every game. They've been absolutely outstanding.

"Even when we've been getting beaten and are struggling, they are always behind us.

"We've started to repay them a little bit over the last few weeks by winning four from five.

"We're moving forward and trying in a difficult situation. Hopefully we can get another win next week and can finish off the season on a high.

"We need to get a win at Odsal. Rochdale have got us a couple of times.

"It was fortunate I missed the first game because it was full of snow!

"They nicked that one and did it again when we were over there a few weeks ago. We probably should have won that day."

Smith went over for the decisive score in Sunday's 16-12 victory at Dewsbury. He admitted the game was a hard slog in testing conditions.

"It was a very scrappy game from both teams and we did our best to throw it away – forward pass on the first tackle, penalty, penalty," he said.

"But we're four from six in this little comp, which is a big change from what we were going through. I think we'd won one in 14 before that, so there are smiles on faces again.

"You might not have been able to see it from the side but the wind was really bad, especially in the first half playing into it.

"We knew we had to stay in the game and then we'd have it behind our backs second half and could put them in corners.

"Our defence was very good. Scotty (Scott Moore) lifted us when he came off the bench.

"Scotty and Siro (Damian Sironen) are very experienced players and they tightened us up in the middle."