THE good ship Thackley is not yet sinking but it is listing and the club's hierarchy have issued an SOS call.

Chairman Phil Woollias and secretary Mark Holstead, who only recently took over their roles, thought they were coming in to a club that was in good health – but they have since had their eyes opened.

Holstead said: "This is a community club and we want the help of the community so that Phil and myself can get it back on an even keel."

Holstead has been club secretary at neighbours Eccleshill United, while Woollias was chairman of Thackley Juniors.

Both men are fully conversant with what their job description entails and they are prepared to put all of their expertise and experience into getting the Dennyboys back into the black.

Holstead said: "As everyone knows, Phil and myself only took the main roles at the club just over a month ago.

"Our remit was to do a full overview of the club's finances and what we found was a bit of a surprise. The finances are not in a healthy position and we are currently running at a loss.

"We have discussed the situation with the players and management and we have had some very good feedback, which is a huge positive.

"We are currently looking at what we can do to reduce outstanding debts. To move on we have to put ourselves out there and get the locals to get behind us. We want them to come through the gate here and keep the club going."

Thackley's crowd in their recent FA Cup tie against Albion Sports (287) was the second-highest nationally in that round.

"I know it was an FA Cup tie and a big derby but it shows the potential is there," said Holstead.

"We need to market the club and do a good job of engaging the locals and getting them behind us to help the club survive. We have to accentuate the positives of the club and get the income streams up.

"There are a lot of local businesses that we could get onside. This is a marketable club with loads of potential for investment and sponsorship opportunities and if they want to come forward, they can speak to me or Phil.

"These are troubling times but we will steer the club through these choppy waters and get Thackley back on course."