I WAS made up seeing the lads beat Leeds but it was probably the hardest game I've watched.

I wanted to be part of the celebrations but instead I was sitting on the sofa watching it on TV with my mum and dad.

After the operation on my arm on Tuesday, I still felt away with the fairies so I couldn't go to the ground.

With me missing all of the cup run last time, I feel I deserve that kind of night. But it always seems to pass me by.

I was over the moon about the result, don't get me wrong. I thought the lads were fantastic. But I'd have loved to have been part of that. Unfortunately, this injury was out of my control and I couldn't do anything about it.

I thought Leeds stuck at it but their manager must have been raging at the lad who was sent off. They were two silly tackles.

We've all been in the ground in the last ten minutes of games and know that anything can happen. But I didn't expect us to score two so quickly.

Billy Knott's goal was perfect but he can do that. He's a very good player and really gelling in the team.

Then Hans was in there and both the Leeds centre halves fell on their backsides. I threw my arms up in the air when he scored – and forgot that I'd broken one!

The third-round draw wasn't the best for us – the two teams you didn't want were Leyton Orient or MK Dons away. But that shouldn't take anything away from a fantastic night for everyone.

The arm feels absolutely great after they put a little plate in to put it back together. Luckily it was quite a simple fracture.

I'll go back for a scan after a fortnight and then the surgeon reckons in four to six weeks I'll be fine. I've just got to be careful about any contact.

It's a bit weird because I've only got this little cast on and I can move it around. It doesn't feel like a real injury.