JULIAN Rhodes reckons a "once-in-a-lifetime" win over Leeds tomorrow would even top the great Valley Parade cup nights against Arsenal and Aston Villa.

Excitement is mounting ahead of the Capital One Cup second-round derby – the first time Leeds have visited since the Premier League days.

Joint-chairman Rhodes admits to being caught up in the anticipation over the prospect of beating the old enemy for only the third time in their history.

Only one of those previous wins from 23 attempts came at Valley Parade – the last in 1986 was at Odsal when City relocated after the fire.

City's only Valley Parade victory was way back in March 1932 when Jack Peart's team triumphed 4-1. Rhodes believes it is time to put that record straight.

"This is all about being proud to be a Bradford City supporter," he said.

"In nearly 100 years of playing Leeds, we've beaten them twice – and only once ever at Valley Parade. That was 82 years ago.

"I don't expect anyone who will be here tomorrow was at that game, so we're literally talking about the chance of a lifetime to watch us hopefully win against Leeds United.

"There's only one division between us. I know we played them in the Premier League and got a draw but it's always been a case for Leeds of them turning up knowing they're not going to lose.

"I don't think they'll be feeling like that tomorrow night. I really do think it's a real opportunity for people to finally enjoy the bragging rights the next day at work.

"It's going to mean a lot to the players. It could be a night as good as any we had in the cup run.

"I'm actually looking forward to this one more than the Villa and Arsenal games. Don't get me wrong, they were fantastic nights and ones that people will always remember.

"But this will be at least as good as those – if not better."

City are set to bank up to £250,000 from the televised tie, which will help to balance a significant chunk of the budget, but the cup cash is not the principle concern for Rhodes right now.

He said: "Let's not underestimate this. Bradford City are playing Leeds at Valley Parade – where they have beaten them only once before.

"Forget the money, that's got nothing to do with it. I just think the smile on people's faces if we can pull it off would be priceless.

"We'll worry about the money afterwards – if we get through. This is all about the pride and the occasion."

Valley Parade's largest crowd in over half a century, 23,971, saw City stun Arsenal in the Capital One Cup two seasons ago. The semi-final first leg against Villa was watched by 22,245.

Rhodes predicts tomorrow's attendance could be pushing towards that.

He said: "I would be very disappointed if we get less than 20,000 people coming. We sold 8,000 tickets on day one.

"I know it's on the telly but it's about being here for that once-in-a-lifetime chance.

"I hope it's not a one-off and we can progress and play Leeds again on a regular basis. But until that happens, we now have this opportunity.

"I like to think it's going to be an evenly-matched game and our lads can take them all the way. It's the local derby that we dream about winning."