SHIPLEY member Lynda Ireland followed in her daughter Natalie’s footsteps by winning the Bradford Ladies Championship.

She beat Bingley’s Jayne Helliwell 3&2 in the final at Northcliffe to clinch the title for the first time.

It was a family affair as former champion Natalie caddied for her, having lost 5&3 to her mum in the semi-final.

Lynda said: “It was bitter-sweet in the last four as you always want your daughter to win – but I wanted to win too!

“It was a tough week as it was very hot but I’m very pleased to become champion.

“Against Jayne in the final, I sensed she was coming back at me on the back nine but I just tried to stay calm.”

Northcliffe’s Hannah Chaudry beat Bingley’s Lisa Foster – wife of caddy Billy – 5&4 in the final of the nett competition.

Results, Gross final: Lynda Ireland (Shipley) beat Jayne Helliwell (Bingley SI) 3&2; semi-finals: Michele Alvin (Northcliffe) lost to Helliwell 1down, Lynda Ireland beat Natalie Ireland (Shipley) 5&3; quarter-finals: Val Exley (Shipley) lost to Alvin at 19th, Helliwell beat Linda Randerson (Bingley SI) 4&3, Natalie Ireland beat Gail Fry (Shipley) 5&4, Heidi Biggs (West Bradford) lost to Lynda Ireland 8&7.

Nett final: Hannah Chaudry (Northcliffe) beat Lisa Foster (Bingley SI) 5&4; semi-finals: Foster beat Mary Litchfield (Shipley) 1up, Chaudry beat Carol Elliott (Northcliffe) at 19th hole; quarter-finals: Foster beat Anne Emsley (Shipley) – result not known, Litchfield beat Dawn Thompson (Northcliffe) 3up; Chaudry beat Diane Whiteley (Shipley) 2up, Elliott beat Christine Illingworth (Shipley) 1up.

Gross strokeplay qualifiers: Exley 82, Lynda Ireland 82, Natalie Ireland 83, Helliwell 83, Randerson 87, Fry 88, Biggs 88. Alvin 88.

Nett qualifiers: Emsley 92-27-65, Elliott 94-22-72, Chaudry 90-17-73, Litchfield 103-30-73, Thompson 89-16-73, Whitley 96-22-74, Illingworth 94-20-74, Foster 89-14-75.