PHIL Parkinson believes that City’s latest Ireland trip will once again provide the right grounding for the new season.

The Bantams fly back tonight after signing off their week away with a game against Shelbourne.

It is the third year in a row that Parkinson has taken the squad across the Irish sea, although this time they located to a new base in Maynooth, just outside Dublin.

He said: “The players enjoy being here but how can you not? You see the quality and intensity of the sessions and they are top class.

“It gives you a real lift when you see the lads working as hard as they have done.

“The facility has been brilliant. The pitches have had the sprinklers on them every day and it’s great to be able to utilise everything.

“It gives us the opportunity to bring a few of the youngsters out in the afternoon and do some extra work.

“You’ve got that freedom coming here and can also make sure the players get the right rest in between sessions. We’ve been checking everything they eat as well.

“Nick obviously liaised with the chef before we came here about the menus. That’s all monitored so it gives them the maximum opportunity to refuel in between sessions.”

The training camp has also indicated how the new faces will fit in to City’s plans. Parkinson expects to reap the benefits in the next three weeks before the League One kick-off on August 9.

He added: “This week has all been about learning. We’re trying different players in different positions.

“When we come back from Ireland, we’ll have a clearer picture of what we want to do to improve us again in terms of recruitment.

“Obviously we’ve signed players and we’ve watched them a lot. But when they are within your own group, we need to make sure the balance of the team is right.

“It’s about playing a way and a system that best suits the players we have. That’s what we are trying to build towards.”