STEVE Ferres believes Bulls supporters have a vital role to play as the club gear up for life in the Championship next season.

Relegation will be confirmed this weekend should Bradford lose at Huddersfield or if Salford and Hull both win.

Managing director Ferres says plenty of work is underway behind the scenes in preparation for next term and is urging fans to be part of "the journey".

Owner Marc Green has already stated that he will not "run for the hills" in the event of relegation but Ferres said his boss needed backing from the terraces.

Ferres, who said the club are hoping to attract regular 4,000 crowds next season, said: "Marc is doing everything he can within his capabilities to ensure that the club get back on a good footing.

"I think it's fair to say that since he has taken over the club, nothing has actually gone his way.

"There is an element of us believing that we will now make our own luck and start to turn things around.

"To do so, we need the loyal supporters who have got the club at heart to continue to give us their fantastic backing.

"They need to get their friends and family, who were watching the Bulls in their heyday, to come back and enjoy what is going to be a change in experience at the club.

"It's going to be a journey and we want the supporters to come along and share that journey.

"It's not just about Marc. He is a custodian of the club but he can't do it on his own – he needs everyone to buy in to everything that we're looking to do.

"I think we'll see a different sort of mentality from the board towards the fans, so it's not a case of one man doing it.

"Everyone is part and parcel of it and we are starting to prepare for that now."

Ferres, who previously served as chief executive at Wakefield and Castleford – as well as working as a consultant for the Rugby Football League – admits he has plenty of unanswered questions about the new structure in 2015.

"If we fall into the Championship, then we will have to prepare for trying to come back into Super League," he said.

"But we're still operating on half the money that the Super League clubs are operating on, so it's not an easy task.

"There are a lot of questions that need to be asked before we kick a ball in the Championship.

"Is dual-registration still applicable? If a team is lying fifth or sixth towards the end of the season and get an influx of Super League players, then I can't reconcile that.

"It's going to be a very difficult time and, if relegation happens, we will have a focus.

"That will not be to finish in the top four but to finish in the top two because you then get four home games as opposed to three, which gives us a better chance of us getting back to where we belong in Super League."

Ferres also insisted the Bulls' bid to take their points appeal to the High Court was still being considered by the club.

"It's still within the system and it's a process that takes time," he explained.

"There might come a time when we need to make a decision and as and when that happens, we will go public with it. But we've not scrapped it as yet."