TO SAY I am delighted to be back in the side is an understatement – especially with it being at St Helens.

The last few weeks have been very difficult but now Jimmy Lowes has given me and a couple of other lads a chance this weekend.

If you don't give people a chance then you don't know where they are up to in their progression.

If you look at all the best teams in Super League, such as Leeds, Saints and Wigan, they are scattered with different faces year on year who get given a chance. They might be unknowns at the start of the year but they can come in and make their mark.

Obviously there needs to be a good blend of senior lads, middle men and young prospects. I think that is what Jimmy is doing and you have to give him credit for that.

It seems that if you train hard then he is willing to give you your rewards. That is inspiring people to train that little bit harder and do their extras.

That is the kind of environment you need because you can't just go in to training and start cruising. All those top teams do the little extras and that's what Jimmy is trying to drill into us.

In training in the past, if we dropped a ball then nothing got said about it. But now if it happens, there is shouting and it's 'get back on that line', and we're doing extras and more sprints.

Although it might sound aggressive in the way he goes about things, it really is good and makes you think about what you're doing more. You know coming off that field session that you've got something out of it and not just messed around.

I can tell you each and everything we have done in the sessions this week and it has stuck with me in my mind. I will now be taking that into tonight's game and that's the vibe that Jimmy gives off.

He's aggressive but at the same time he knows how to have a laugh and how to get his point across. Now it's up to myself to repay his faith in me.