IT has been a tough old time for us at the moment but Jimmy Lowes has come in and training has really sparked up.

The sessions have been really tough and more physical than I have ever done during a season.

We have been banging each other about and Jimmy really has been putting it to us.

As other people have said, if we go down, we go down fighting.

Things do not change just because we are in a bit of a tricky position.

As players we will keep giving everything because this is a massive club with huge tradition and we are there to do a job.

Whoever pulls that shirt on in the squad is there to represent Bradford and everything the club stands for.

No matter what happens at the end of the year, every single player here is fully committed to the club when they run out onto the field.

Whoever is picked as one of the 17 to play each week, they have a duty to give it everything and Jimmy has made that quite clear.

If you get picked, you’ve got to perform, it’s as simple as that.

Everyone is still buying into that – myself included.

It would be great to get a win against Catalan this weekend and we will be coming up against a few Bradford old boys.

I know Leon Pryce well from St Helens and played here at Bradford with Elliott Whitehead.

Leon has been a top-quality player for more than ten years now and he is still at the peak of his powers. He is dangerous and is someone we have concentrated on this week.

I have played at Hull FC myself, so I think he will fit in there straight away next season and the fans will love him.

With Leon and Marc Sneyd together in the halves, it looks like Hull will have a pretty formidable partnership.

I am pleased Elliott is doing so well too and I always look out for the likes of him and John Bateman.

Elliott is a big lad but very skilful too – he has it all really and will be in the England side soon enough.

He’s tough with nautral ability and is another player we will need to keep a close check on.