I DID an interview last week about the interest I had attracted from other clubs, which sparked quite a response via Twitter.

But I would just like to stress that I’m a Bradford player – they pay my wages and as long as I’m here I’m going to give 110 per cent.

The fans have been absolutely awesome with me and have accepted me with open arms from day one.

I have given 100 per cent to them and I want them to keep doing the same to me.

I honestly don’t know what my future holds. People think I know but I genuinely don’t – and neither does my agent!

I’m a Bulls player and am totally committed to the cause here.

My sole focus is on trying to keep the club in Super League and I will listen to what Bradford say to me before I make any decision on my future.

I will then make a decision which benefits me, which is me being completely honest.

But I’m definitely not the sort of player or person to just jump ship – my family wouldn’t want me to do that and nor would I.

That’s not how I’ve been brought up and Bradford have been good for me, so I’m going to stick it out to the end of the season and then assess my options.

It has been our first few days since Jimmy Lowes took over and I think, in any sport, it’s a boost when a new coach takes over.

They bring a different philosophy in and, while I wouldn’t say Jimmy wants to change too much, he’s looking to sharpen up a few things and improve the attitude around the place.

Not that our attitude was bad under Francis Cummins because a lot of people had great respect for Franny and always will have.

But when a new bloke comes in, who is a big name at Bradford and had done so well as a player here, then you want those moments he enjoyed here.

That makes you buy into everything he says and that’s what we have done so far.

The club are also taking the points appeal to the High Court, which I am all for.

So fingers crossed on that front too.