BRADFORD Park Avenue boss John Deacey is pleased with the way the build-up to the coming season is going and is generally satisfied with the friendly games, but may add one more fixture.

He said: “It’s like walking a tightrope, getting the balance of pre-season friendlies just right.

“The new season starts really early this time around so we’ve got that little six-week spell.

"We have to get all our pre-season training in there in that time - you can’t get the players involved in a game for the first week or ten days of training so you’ve got just over four weeks to get warm-up games done.

“I understand that the players need them to get match sharp and they are crucial to the fitness regime going into a new season. On the other hand, you can’t try to get too many in because of the risk of injuries.

“You could end up playing eight or nine games in just over four weeks, and we always complain about schedules like that during the season. I think we should ease the players into the season so that they are not overtired.

“We have six very testing games in just under a month, and I’m happy with that - but, we may put another one in. Its one of those things you can never get right.”

Avenue’s friendly games so far: July 9 Bradford Park Avenue v Doncaster Rovers; July 15 Tadcaster Albion v Bradford Park Avenue; July 19 Bradford Park Avenue v Hartlepool United; July 22 Brighouse Town v Bradford Park Avenue; July 26 Bradford Park Avenue v Sheffield United; Aug 2 Witton Albion v Bradford Park Avenue.