All 24 matches across the JCT600 Bradford League four divisions were abandoned without a single ball being bowled as heavy rain washed away Saturday’s scheduled fixtures.

It brings the total of abandonments in the first eight weeks of the season to 73 and takes it past last last year's figure of 58 for the entire campaign.

The worst hit is First Teams Division One, where 19 games have been called off, while each of the other three divisions have all lost 18 matches.

The two clubs who have been hit the hardest are Pudsey Congs and Pudsey St Lawrence.

Their first teams have had four of their nine league fixtures abandoned.

The number of abandonments is almost three times the combined figure for the same stage of the previous two seasons.

That might surprise some people as the 2012 campaign saw 130 games called off in total but, at the same point in that year, just nine games had been lost.

Last season there were 16 games called off by June 8.

The League are hoping the worst is over because a continuation of the current trend will see many club’s revenue streams being washed down the drain.